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Q. What will i get with my order?
A. You will receive 
A complete Trainer's Guide
A course specific PowerPoint Presentation
A Lesson Plan for the course
A Delegate Handbook
An Exercise Handbooks
A course Promotional Flyer
A course Questionnaire
A Certificate of Completion for your delegates

Q. How long until I receive my order?
A. If you pay straight away your will receive a download email with instructions almost 
immediately after your payment clears.
If you choose an other method of payment as soon as you have either agree terms 
or we have received clear funds then your download email will be sent.

Q. Will your downloads work with non Microsoft products?
A. All of our products are designed with Microsoft for use with Microsoft products. 
They are saved with backwards compatibility to ensure earlier versions of Office work 
correctly and where possible we will save process flows as graphics rather than 
Microsoft SmartArt. 
Our product may work with other vendors software however we cannot support them, 
likely problems when using other vendors programs are, alignment, page numbering, 
header issues and graphical layouts.

Q. How do i know my order is being placed securely? 
A. As you enter the credit card entry page you will notice the http:// address for 
Materials for Training changes to a https:// and turns green. If you click the lock
to the left of the URL it will verify that you are on the Materials for Training website 
and that this page is encrypted using 128bit encryption, which is the same level of 
security you would receive whilst doing online banking. This encryption service is provided 
by Globalsign.com one of the world leaders in site encryption.
The actual payment processing is done by Paypal as we do not hold you credit card 
information at anytime. Papal are world leaders in their field and are part of eBay safely 
dealing with millions of online transactions every day.
If you have any further questions regarding security please feel free to contact us.

Q. How do i book a date for you to deliver a course on my behalf?
A. Place your order in the normal fashion and we will contact you by telephone within 
1 working day to arrange the course delivery at your convenience.
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